Join Patrick Rothfuss and help build a better world

Worldbuilders-Logo_Web_Smaller1-300x214Patrick Rothfuss is not just an awesome writer, but he’s a pretty awesome human being as well. In addition to his bestselling novels, he has devoted time and money to humanitarian projects, founding his own charity,, raising money for Heifer International. Heifer is a charity organization that provides livestock to impoverished communities and teaches them how to raise and care for the animals to produce milk, eggs and other necessities.

FB-ProfileSince Rothfuss started Worldbuilders, his fans have donated over 2 million dollars for Heifer International. An IndieGoGo campaign this summer, dubbed Geeks Doing Good, raised nearly a quarter million alone. Donors received perks for the donations, including autographed books and artwork from assorted authors.

The annual fund drive started yesterday and there are a variety of ways to donate – and a variety of prizes you can win if you donate. Yes, you get something back for your generosity.

The first option is the lottery. For every $10 donated your name will be entered into a prize drawing. Dozens of publishers and game designers have donated books, both autographed and not, to be awarded to donors. Visit the site to see the variety of books offered – and check back regularly, Rothfuss will be blogging as more items are added throughout the drive.

Second, you can purchase items from Worldbuilders’ store, The Tinker’s Packs. Again, there will be a variety of autographed items available, as well as jewelry, games, calendars and other knick-knacks. All of the proceeds from the store go to Worldbuilders.

rothfuss goat

Rothfuss is hoping you pick a goat.

Finally, there will be various e-bay auctions throughout the pledge drive. New auctions will be posted every Friday during the drive. Visit the site for some of these special items.

Prizes are good, but the stretch goals are even more fun. The more money raised, humorous perks are added. At $100,000, Rothfuss will dress up like Tom Bombadil and sing a song. At $678,229, he will kiss a Heifer animal of your choice.


Yes, this is real. Enter at your own risk…

And other authors are involved as well. Last year epic fantasy power couple Scott Lynch and Elizabeth Bear drunkenly ranted about The Hobbit 2 for over an hour. Mary Robinette Kowal wrote and read Name of the Wind inspired slash fiction. Neil Gaiman read Green Eggs and Ham

And this year has even more fun, from Kevin Hearne dancing to Thriller, Sam Sykes committing batsu and Myke Cole reviewing were-hedgehog erotica. Yes, you read that right. Were-hedgehog erotica.

But the real awesomeness of the pledge drive is helping sustain poverty-stricken communities around the globe.

PartnerClick-colorThe pledge drive runs through Dec. 7. Go visit to donate. And if you are looking to buy other books for Christmas gifts, shop at Powell’s and click through these links –  they will be donating a portion of their sales to Worldbuilders and help Heifer International provide farm animals for those in need.

And if you win some cool stuff that you don’t want, I’ll gladly take it off your hands!


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I am a freelance writer and critic from Phoenix Arizona. I spent 10 years covering music, the arts and pop culture for the “Arizona Republic” before life circumstances took me away from newspaper. But I never lost my joy at writing. Or reading.
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