Campbell Memorial, Sturgeon Award Winners and Sci-Fi Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

First 15 LivesThe Campbell Conference was held this weekend at the University of Kansas and the winners of the 2015 John W. Campbell Memorial and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Awards were announced. Not to be confused with the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, which is presented with the Hugos, the Campbell Memorial Award is a juried prize for best science fiction novel of the year. The Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award goes to the best short fiction of the year.

The Winners and runners-up are as follows:

The John W. Campbell Memorial Award

  1. The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August — Claire North (Redhook)
  2. A Darkling Sea — James L. Cambias (Tor)
  3. The ThreeBody Problem — Liu Cixin (Ken Liu, translator) (Tor) (Review)

The Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award

  1. “The Man Who Sold the Moon” — Cory Doctorow (Heiroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future)

Additionally, the latest inductees into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame were announced. Originally at the Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas, it is now housed in the EMP Museum in Seattle. The induction ceremony will take place at the Locus Awards Weekend, June 27.

The inductees are as follows:

  • James GunnJames E. Gunn — This Hugo-Winning Sci-Fi Grand Master taught at the University of Kansas and founded the Gunn Center in 1982. As the only living inductee this year, Locus Magazine is hosting a fundraiser to fly Gunn to the award ceremony. Click here to donate.
  • Georges Méliès — One of the early pioneers of filmmaking, this French magician is known for the innovative special effects in his science fiction films, like the legendary “Trip to the Moon” and “The Impossible Voyage.”
  • DuneJohn Schoenherr — The winner of the Hugo and the Caldecott Awards, this illustrator is best known to sci-fi fans for his painting of the original cover of Dune.
  • Kurt Vonnegut — If you don’t know who Vonnegut is, you need to go to the library right now and check out Slaughterhouse-Five. Period. One of the finest American novelists of the 20th Century, he is known for such novels as Breakfast of Champions
    and the magnificent short story “Harrison Bergeron.”
  • Witch WorldJack Gaughan — Another Hugo-winning illustrator, Gaughan is primarily known for his work at Ace and DAW books, designing covers and maps for works like Andre Norton’s Witch World and E.E. “Doc” Smith’s “Lensmen” series.

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