Kevin Hearne Recommends…

Kevin Hearne - credit Kimberly HearneThe Tacopope is a big champion of his friends. When I spoke to Hearne before Elevengeddon, he could hardly contain his excitement about the event and how thrilled he was to have his friends joining him for the signing. He was also excited to finally meet a few authors he’d somehow managed to miss at previous conventions.
So it was no surprise that his picks were all releases from other authors at the Elevengeddon extravaganza.

Note: I was planning on waiting to run this on Friday, however Hearne posted today about a contest he’s running for Zero World, so I figured I’d give it a little boost as well. So head over to his blog to enter to win a copy, or maybe some other cool books.

So, Kevin Hearne, what books do you recommend?

I read a lot of advance copies, so a lot of the books I want to recommend haven’t come out yet. I’m excited because I want to talk about them with everyone and I can’t!

wake of vulturesWake of Vultures — Lila Bowen

It’s coming in October and it’s just incredible. Far and away the best thing I’ve read this year. (Note: Lila Bowen is a pen name of Delilah S. Dawson).

zero worldZero World — Jason M. Hough

Jason is one of the authors I’m a big fan of. That’s coming in August, I think. It’s quite the action-packed thrill ride.

uprootedUprooted — Naomi Novik

It’s just wonderful. I love everything Naomi writes, but this one is the best. I think it’s going to turn into one of those classics that you will keep reading over and over again.

Edit: Hearne has added a raft of recommendations on his own blog. Check out some more of his favorites!

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I am a freelance writer and critic from Phoenix Arizona. I spent 10 years covering music, the arts and pop culture for the “Arizona Republic” before life circumstances took me away from newspaper. But I never lost my joy at writing. Or reading.
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2 Responses to Kevin Hearne Recommends…

  1. Tammy says:

    I can vouch for ZERO WORLD. I’m reading it right now and I love it so far!


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