Harper Voyager Impulse Authors Sarah Remy and Lexie Dunne Coming to Phoenix Comicon

Harper Voyager Impulse Author Sarah Remy

Harper Voyager Impulse Author Sarah Remy

Harper Voyager Impulse is bringing a pair of new faces in sci-fi and fantasy to Phoenix Comicon.

Sarah Remy made her Impulse debut in 2014 with Stonehill Downs, a dark fantasy mystery that follows two mysterious mages from starkly different backgrounds as they investigate a series of grisly murders in a remote village. The sequel, Across the Long Sea was released in August, with more titles in the series due later this year.

Superheroes Anonymous author Lexie Dunne

Superheroes Anonymous author Lexie Dunne

Lexie Dunne also debuted in 2014 with Superheroes Anonymous, a tale of a journalist who always seems to be getting kidnapped, then rescued by the local superhero, Blaze. Soon she finds herself known as Hostage Girl, with powers of her own. A sequel, Supervillains Anonymous, was released last year, with Hostage Girl framed for murder and locked in prison with the same villains who would kidnap her regularly.

Launched in 2014, Harper Voyager Impulse is an eBook imprint designed to showcase up-and-coming authors. Titles are launched electronically, followed by a short print run several months later.

Check back for more author announcements in the coming weeks!

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Phoenix Comicon announces first author guest, Beth Cato

Beth Cato Credit: Corey Ralston Photography

Beth Cato
Credit: Corey Ralston Photography

It’s taken a little while, but Phoenix Comicon has announced its first author guest.

Beth Cato is a Relentless Reading favorite, a West Valley author whose debut, The Clockwork Dagger, came out shortly after I started the blog in 2014. Since then she has earned a Locus Award nomination for that debut, released its sequel, The Clockwork Crown, and in August her latest novel Breath of Earth, the start of a new steampunk series set in an alternate San Francisco, hits stores.

Cato is attending every day. And who knows, she might bring cookies!

breath of earth


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Kevin Hearne Stakes Out New Shenanigans On His Latest Book Tour

Kevin Hearne - credit Kimberly Hearne

Former Valley English teacher Kevin Hearne

It’s been a few months since Kevin Hearne was back in the Valley, hosting a meet and greet at Rula Bula in Tempe. The pub is a central location in Hearne’s urban fantasy series “The Iron Druid Chronicles,” where his hero Atticus enjoys fish and chips and the occasional pint, sneaking sausages to his wolfhound Oberon.

Sadly I wasn’t able to make the fête, although I did have an enjoyable chat with the former Valley resident over tacos and habanero margaritas at the Arizona Taco Festival the previous day. Sounds like I missed some fun.
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I’m Back! (I hope)

Relentless ReadingWell, NaNoWriMo turned into NoWriMo for me, as I dealt with some health issues in November. Mary Robinette Kowal addressed this sort of thing in a recent blog post. It’s funny that you can approach something from the abstract in an interview and then not recognize when the same thing is happening to you. My depression and anxiety had been brewing for several months and in retrospect it was obvious to me. It really is a bastard. But things seem to be improved and I’m writing again. So we’ll see. Continue reading

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“Wings of Sorrow and Bone” blends steampunk, animal rights activism and viral marketing

wings of sorrow and boneWings of Sorrow and Bone
Beth Cato
Harper Voyager Impulse, 2015.

I’ve spent the past year getting to know Beth Cato both through her books and in person, so this review is a bit biased. And it’s probably not surprising that I enjoyed this little trip back to the steampunk world of her “Clockwork” duology.

Octavia and Alonzo are settled into their life at the medician school in Caskentia, but there are other stories to be told. Cato’s new e-novella, Wings of Sorrow and Bone, available on Tuesday, November 10, explores a pair of side characters from her last novel, The Clockwork Crown, Rivka Stout and Tatiana Garret, as they nervously try to find their place in the world.
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