Submission Guidelines

I welcome submissions for reviews, but I have a few caveats so as not to waste your time or mine:

  • This blog deals primarily with science fiction and fantasy. If a book isn’t one of those genres, the odds are it won’t get reviewed. So no romance (definitely) and no mysteries (probably). Better yet, look through my previous reviews to get a flavor of what I’m looking for and what I like. 
  • Newer releases will be given precedence over older titles. The timelier the better, however I can’t guarantee reviews for release week.
  • I don’t guarantee reviews on all submissions. I have a “to read” list that’s a mile long already.
  • If I read a book, I will review it. I don’t guarantee that it will be a positive review, but it will be fair and honest. You can read my thoughts on reviews and an explanation of my rating system here.
  • At this time I am not looking for self-published titles. I have plenty on my plate already and don’t want to get deluged with books that I likely won’t get around to reviewing.
  • Reviews may be pitched to other sites. If they are published on other sites, they will be linked here. All reviews are also re-posted at Goodreads.
  • I prefer e-books and use a Kindle. I won’t reject ARCs or paper copies out of hand, however.
  • I love doing interviews. I’ll gladly talk to authors, schedule permitting. Drop me a line and we can see if we can arrange something.
  • I especially like doing interviews/stories related to book events in the Phoenix area. If you are doing a signing, I’d love to do a write-up about it. I might even be able to freelance coverage in local press, but I cannot guarantee that. If you are IN the Phoenix area, I’d love to meet you and chat in person, but phone calls or e-mail are do-able as well.

If these guidelines are suitable, don’t hesitate to e-mail me with potential pitches or submissions. If they aren’t suitable, e-mail me as well, just not repeatedly. I’m flexible, but I still might not change my mind and a repeated barrage of pitches isn’t likely to change it.