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Marshall Ryan Maresca Talks Worldbuilding and Intrigue

Welcome back! It’s been a while, I admit — I’ve had more paying gigs and day-job drama that have taken up most of my time. But what better way to reopen the blog than with a visit from Marshall Ryan … Continue reading

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Brian Staveley talks about “The Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne”

And now to (finally) kick off a weekly series (for the next couple months) of interviews from Phoenix Comicon. We start off with Brian Staveley. The college professor from Vermont is a Gemmell Morningstar finalist and earned a Locus nomination … Continue reading

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Sam Sykes asks Arizona Republic Readers to buy his book!

As promised, here is my interview with Sam Sykes, which ran in the Arizona Republic on Sunday, Jan. 25. He talks about his new book, The City Stained Red, which hits stores today, as well as how his background as a … Continue reading

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More from Sam Sykes — on Grimdark, Ned’s Head and Fitz’s Foolishness

Here’s another dose of wisdom from my recent interview with Sam Sykes, explaining why City Stained Red is not Grimdark. “I got very bored with, for lack of a better term, “Grimdark” books — where the hero just stops trying. … Continue reading

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Brandon Sanderson Is NOT a Robot

So I spoke with Brandon Sanderson last week and he assured me he is not, in fact, a robot. He did share his reasoning behind the variety of projects he is working on, and told an interesting story about the … Continue reading

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