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Puppies Kenneled as the Hugo Award Winners Announced

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth over the past four months, the Hugo Awards were announced tonight at Sasquan in Spokane. Despite being reported to the police as potentially inciting violence, David Gerrold hosted the ceremonies with plenty of humor … Continue reading

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Hugo Drama Continues as Black Gate Withdraws from Consideration (Updated)

While the final ballot appeared settled last week, another Puppy nominee has withdrawn from the Hugo Awards. The blog Black Gate Magazine was nominated in the best fanzine category as part of Vox Day’s Rabid Puppy slate. Previously Black Gate contributor … Continue reading

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Two Puppies withdraw from Hugo Ballot

Annie Bellet and Marko Kloos have withdrawn their nominations from the Hugo ballot. Both were part of the Sad and Rabid Puppies slates. They join Matthew David Surridge, a fan writer who declined his nomination before the nominees were announced. In … Continue reading

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Sick of all those Puppies? We Hunted the Mammoth is looking for Serious Kittens

Okay, I’ve gone beyond anger with the state of the Hugo Awards this year. And I still haven’t decided how I will vote related to puppy slates. Although the announcement that two puppies were disqualified does give me a little … Continue reading

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